Artist's Statement

I find the Townscape a rich source of ideas about our culture and art. I choose to paint not only the beautiful and seductive but places we overlook every day -- the ordinary and ugly.

I deconstruct a scene and then reconstruct it in a way that is more meaningful to me. Color is my first priority, followed by mood, space, and light.

The American Townscape paintings are of towns scattered along the East Coast and in the Midwest. Many of the scenes from the towns evoke a "sense of place" void of the manufactured or franchised. Other paintings depict the opposite __ the chaotic streets of multiple franchises annd countless autos.

I am attracted to the transient light at the end of the day. The light moves swiftly producing color shifts that dance across towns making its magic and creating a mood. Color bathes the worn buildings and turns autos into colored jewels. Color renews the splendor of past architecture and transforms the plain and everyday into something beautiful.